28 07, 2016

Our Modular Inventory Includes Educational Applications

Many school districts use Aries Building Systems for their classroom and building needs because our modular building capabilities are second to none. Advanced Modular Space offers custom designs for classrooms, administrative offices, storage facilities, cafeterias, and much more. Modular construction - whether custom fabricated, leased, or purchased as a package - offers premium features at

24 07, 2016

New & Used Modular Buildings: Competitive Speed. Competitive Pricing.

It’s no surprise that modular building companies have been enjoying a rise in popularity lately. The benefits speak for themselves- not only are they a more cost-efficient alternative to conventional, on-site construction, they’re also much more multi-purpose and, most likely, more durable. Their assembly-line-style production means that they’re constructed, regardless of weather conditions, and

16 07, 2016

The Use of Modular Spaces Throughout History

Advanced Modular Space is proud to be a leader in the modular industry. To be on the cutting edge means a company has to have strong roots- and we’re especially proud of ours. As we were looking back at the history of modular construction, we found many interesting stories and facts. So today, Advanced Modular