29 09, 2016

Benefits of Used Modular Inventory Go Beyond Your Wallet

Some project managers are reluctant to consider used modular inventory from companies such as Advanced Modular Space as a viable option for their construction needs - either because they're unfamiliar with modular construction methods or they have a skewed perspective of what modular building can offer. If you're stuck with an outdated concept of drafty

24 09, 2016

Advanced Modular Space Helps Customers Go Green

If you're here checking out our used modular inventory, then that means that you are probably interested in environmentally conscious construction. Good news! Here at Advanced Modular Space, so are we. In fact, we're in the business of reducing both costs and waste when it comes to your next building project. Read onto learn

16 09, 2016

WATCH: We Put Aries to Work

Advanced Modular Space offers used modular inventory for a variety of applications, but did you know that the RAM family of companies can provide you with so much more? Watch this video to learn more about Aries workforce housing and see our modular buildings in action! Looking for workforce housing in Texas, Oklahoma, or North Dakota?

7 09, 2016

Grow Your Company and Business Without Having to Deal with Commercial Lending

Advanced Modular Space (AMS) is not only cost-effective and efficient when it comes to construction, it is also the new path to avoid the struggles of CRE lending problems. Stop thinking that modular is grandpa’s mobile home because Advanced Modular Space offers custom, elegant prefabricated structures, and can be designed and manufactured as single

1 09, 2016

Meet Aries: Your Best Resource for Modular Inventory

Advanced Modular Space's parent company, Reliant Asset Management, is a nationwide provider of both new and used modular buildings. Whether your sector be health, government, or otherwise, we have what you need. Check out this video to learn more about the Aries family of companies and what they can do for YOU.   http://youtube.com/watch?v=xARMC-3Asa0