19 10, 2016

Modular Classrooms Offer Fast Solutions

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Many problems facing school districts who are growing rapidly is a budget that cannot keep up with demand. In fast-growing districts, schools have to come up with additional space on tight budgets. Advanced Modular Space offers school districts access to capital and finance to add classroom space that is more financially sustainable, and offers a solution until a long-term budget can be figured out.

Modular classrooms offer THE SAME exact features that a ‘fixed’ classroom in a building offers. They are now elegant and offer the same intricacies of traditional building. They are cost-effective, and can be transported on site ‘as needed’. They are also relocatable, which can be a great option for school districts that may need to shift buildings to different campuses that shift in growth.

Modular buildings also give school districts the opportunity to re-assess their needs after several years; flexibility that traditional construction can’t offer.
If your school district is interested in modular classrooms, please give us a call: (703) 570-5967.

10 10, 2016

Why AMS Wins the Prize for Modular Workforce Housing


If experience is the best teacher, then it’s safe to say that Advanced Modular Space will likely graduate at the top of the class. A known leader in the building and leasing of modular workforce housing, the Aries family of companies has distinguished themselves through their ongoing commitment to unmatchable customer service. But how do we know exactly what the workforce housing customer wants? Aries Residence Suites. That’s how.

Aries Residence Suites is our partner company, providing extended stay accommodations and quality workforce housing through North and South Dakota, Texas, and Oklahoma, and Canada. We understand what it takes to provide a “home away from home” and our founders have been delivering it for decades. All of our accommodations come with everything a guest needs after a hard day’s work; inviting furnishings and high quality bedding and linens, flat screen Satellite TV, on-site laundry, and regularly scheduled housekeeping. Many of our facilities also offer game rooms and recreational areas, workout gyms, movie rooms with plush leather seating, BBQ patios, and cafeterias complete with a staff serving 3 hot meals a day – as well as 24/7 on-site customer service. As you can see, we understand how our modular buildings are used long after we deliver them.

Through the experience of workforce housing management and hospitality services, our company knows modular workforce housing well beyond that of what most modular building companies offer. We know about safety, durability, and the importance of comfortable design. If you are interested in learning more about leasing or owning modular workforce housing units, please give us a call at (703) 672- 3537. We look forward to using our expertise to make sure that your modular building project is a hands-down success!