30 12, 2016

No Matter the Conditions, Aries’ Modular Inventory Has You Covered

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Here at Advanced Modular Space, our used modular inventory is primed and ready to take on any conditions. Keep reading to find out how we employ innovative solution to keep your enterprise running smoothly no matter what’s happening outside your four walls!

Hot/Arid Climates

Extreme heat is no match for our modular inventory, which come outfitted with cooling features such as top of the line windows and solid AC systems designed to keep you cool no matter what type of work you’re engaged in.

Cold/Frozen Climates

Cold climates more your speed? Aries has solutions for snow and sleet as well. Featuring smart layouts, insulated building materials, and homestyle amenities, our cold weather modular buildings will keep you warm all winter long.

Oil Drilling

Oil drilling sites in remote locations require extra considerations in order to keep things running smoothly. Recreation rooms, staffed kitchens, and laundry facilities take the place of more traditional services found in nearby towns.

If you’re interested in learning more about all of our different used modular buildings you can browse our full inventory at http://www.advancedmodularspace.com/modular-inventory/

Thinking of building your own modular outfit? Avoid pitfalls and learn from the pros with our new, totally free digital guide – available to subscribers of our quarterly newsletter the RAM Report . Visit ariesbuildings.com/digital-download to get your guidebook today!

21 12, 2016

Safety: The Aries Advantage

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Over the years, modular buildings have evolved into a secure and oftentimes preferable replacement to traditionally built structures. Safety and strength are the number one priority of many modular building companies, and our host of new and used modular building inventory show that Advanced Modular Space is no exception.


Modular buildings must always be built to local building codes, and quite often modular companies (like our sister company, Aries Building Systems) exceed these building codes. On top of that, each individual modular building is designed from the ground up to withstand transportation from facility to site of installation, requiring these modules to be stronger than traditional “stick-built” buildings by virtue of necessity ALONE. Not to mention the fact that most modularly-built structures are engineered using state-of-the-art BIM technology, and use the same architect-certified materials that guarantee strength like wood, concrete and steel.


Modular buildings are all-around safer, from construction to installation, for a number of reasons. Modular construction is conducted entirely within an indoor factory environment, which is much safer for the workmen on the project than outdoor construction- the elements are removed from the equation, along with risk of death from falls, vehicular accidents, and more. This is only aided by the fact that each individual module is inspected as it goes down the assembly line, meaning that the safety is passed on from the workers unto you- keeping you and your employees (or students!) safe year after year.

Ready to make the call? Check out our online inventory of new and used modular buildings, then contact Advanced Modular Space at (703) 820-2900. We’ll get you started on a modular building that suits your needs.

13 12, 2016

Stay on Top of the Latest Modular Developments

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As a developer you are ALWAYS trying to stay on top of the latest in modular innovations. As a modular company, we stay on top of the latest news and modular designs that push the industry forward. Aries Advanced Modular Space now produces the RAM Report – up to date and current news about modular building and current events that affect modular building.

The Aries RAM Report brings updates about modular building and developments, workforce housing and turnkey project design, and deals and promotions from Aries Building Systems. The report is delivered to your inbox quarterly, and contains information that is pertinent and special to your industry.

Modular news about how to save money, green construction, and new technology will arrive in your inbox every few months, keeping you on top of what’s going on in the industry. This FREE, industry-specific newsletter is easy to sign up for and brings valuable information to you.

Sign up now to download the Aries ‘Let’s Eat Out’ guide for the central US, the Bakken Shale (currently the largest oil region in the US and maybe the world!) and Permian Basin to get a sneak peak at how Aries provides great information to buyers like you. Click here to download Aries’ EXCLUSIVE workforce housing dining guide and sign up for updates from the RAM Report.

(We also want you to know, Aries Modular Space values your privacy and appreciate our customers’ desire to know that we will never share their information.)

7 12, 2016

Aries Does it Better: a Postmortem of the World’s Tallest Modular Building

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Have you heard the news? Recently, there was a major mishandling of a 32 story multi-family complex- the world’s tallest modular building, located in Brooklyn, NY.

The modular building process is supposed to be a viable alternative to traditional construction that grants the benefit of less time, smaller monetary investment, and faster ROI for developers. But we heard in the news is how the world’s tallest modular building was a huge loss of money. The reason why? The manufacturing bounced from company to company, causing long delays in between. Needless to say, situations like this often lead to litigation, and the world’s tallest modular building was no exception.

When the modules were finally ready to be installed, they didn’t fit together properly and were SEVERELY damaged in the attempt. So damaged, in fact, that it delayed the project by two years while costs rose way beyond the expected- and the lawsuits are still coming in.

What could have been done differently? It’s hard to say. It’s possible that this is a “one-off” kind of circumstance that can be chalked up to the metaphorical misalignment of the planets. On the other hand, it’s never a waste of time to STUDY your modular building company choices. Invest in researching track records in order to locate the most “dependable” modular manufacturer possible.

Advanced Modular Space’s partner company Aries Building Systems (who supplies Advanced Modular Space’s new and used modular inventory). Aries offers a TURNKEY ADVANTAGE compared to our competitors- that means that we design, deploy, and finance all under the umbrella of our company- guaranteeing seamless implementation.

The downward spiral for the Brooklyn project was a lack of experience in modular manufacturing and the failure to anticipate the modular building pain points in a large-scale design. With Aries, you can be assured that the company is experienced and well aware of modular technology and the execution it requires to make sure the project is runs flawlessly.

If you are considering modular building for your next project or development, sign up to download our free ‘Choosing Modular’ booklet for more information on the types of modular building Aries Building Systems can help you with – and you can receive our quarterly newsletter as an added bonus!

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