30 12, 2016

No Matter the Conditions, Aries’ Modular Inventory Has You Covered

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Here at Advanced Modular Space, our used modular inventory is primed and ready to take on any conditions. Keep reading to find out how we employ innovative solution to keep your enterprise running smoothly no matter what's happening outside your four walls! Hot/Arid Climates Extreme heat is no match for our modular inventory, which come

21 12, 2016

Safety: The Aries Advantage

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Over the years, modular buildings have evolved into a secure and oftentimes preferable replacement to traditionally built structures. Safety and strength are the number one priority of many modular building companies, and our host of new and used modular building inventory show that Advanced Modular Space is no exception. Stronger Modular buildings must always be

13 12, 2016

Stay on Top of the Latest Modular Developments

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As a developer you are ALWAYS trying to stay on top of the latest in modular innovations. As a modular company, we stay on top of the latest news and modular designs that push the industry forward. Aries Advanced Modular Space now produces the RAM Report – up to date and current news about modular

7 12, 2016

Aries Does it Better: a Postmortem of the World’s Tallest Modular Building

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Have you heard the news? Recently, there was a major mishandling of a 32 story multi-family complex- the world’s tallest modular building, located in Brooklyn, NY. The modular building process is supposed to be a viable alternative to traditional construction that grants the benefit of less time, smaller monetary investment, and faster ROI for developers.