27 01, 2017

Leasing a Modular Building with Advanced Modular Space: How-To

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When the future is uncertain and budgets are tight, school boards, companies, hospitals and government are often asking themselves the question, “How do I make space for growing student bodies/temporary or contract workers/ influx of patients when I know that I won’t need the larger capacity forever?” Going modular is a popular option in cases

17 01, 2017

Our Used Modular Inventory Is Ready For Customization

These past few days you may have seen a familiar sentiment floating around social media; “new year, new me.” It's a common refrain following the New Year, but did you know it's not just for friends and colleagues? Our modular buildings are ready for the “new year, new me” treatment, transforming to fit your business’

10 01, 2017

Used Modular Inventory Provides Temporary Housing For A Number of Applications

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Here at Advanced Modular Space, we pride ourselves on providing used modular inventory that can serve all of your temporary housing needs, no matter the reason or application. Read on to learn about some of the ways Aries and Advanced Modular Space can provide shelter in times of need. Disaster Relief & Shelter Disaster relief

3 01, 2017

New Year, New Modular Building Innovations from Around the World

Advanced Modular Space, Inc. has unmatched access to capital and finance options to get your modular projects up and running as quickly as possible. With over 30 years of combined design and construction experience in modular buildings, we are confident that no matter what scope or size project, AMS delivers the best solution possible. The