22 02, 2017

Used Modular, Fresh Concepts

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AMSpreownedModular buildings are no longer the drab and grey eyesores of the past. These days, designers are having a second look at prefabrication for use in restaurant and retail industries. Time is money. The quicker the building is raised, the quicker the revenue flows in. Advanced Modular Space has a large pre-used inventory that have limitless possibilities.

Perhaps you are the owner, or are looking into a potential seasonal business that could run short on housing or need additional space, prefabricated modular buildings can be the perfect solution once they are retro-fitted to suit your needs. Places with a lot of tourism during some parts of the year are a good example! Modular units can be temporarily installed, or you can place them permanently!

In places like Colorado where both seasonal and affordable housing are scarce, places like Ute are using modular buildings as a temporary housing solution. Many franchises and other business tend to avoid choosing a modular building due to a fear of their exterior brand being lost to a grey, boxy building. However, with the help of the Aries design team, designing the pre-used modular unit into an attractive, aesthetically pleasing unit that will have your competitors GREEN with envy will be a simple and painless process.

In the ‘fast food’ or ‘fast fashion’ industries, purchasing from used modular inventory and then customizing the building to your liking is usually a preferable option compared to leasing a commercial space or traditionally constructing a building. When one leases commercial space, you’re on the hook for the common areas, repairs, maintenance, property taxes and you have to do this for YEARS because you signed a tight, multi-year lease! Many pop up establishments are run into the ground for this very reason.

From setting up to tearing down; with the rise of fast fashion, retailers need to launch fast, test their products quickly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, have a solid ESCAPE PLAN for when the time to close up shop rolls around! Modular is hot with retail establishments because it satisfies all of those qualities.

The idea is becoming so popular and common place, there are retail developers that help businesses specialize in this type of installation. Imagine customizing using YOUR colors, YOUR brand, your interior and exterior choices, and the entire building is already code compliant.

Many entrepreneurs are avoiding expensive start up costs and moving into alternative methods of starting a business, often avoiding large bank loans.

No matter your business, service or DREAM, Advanced Modular Space has the preowned inventory that can suit any of your needs. Whatever you can come with, let us and our design team help transform our pre-owned modular buildings into your latest business venture!

Whatever your reason, Aries has preowned inventory that can perform to your wildest dreams. Whatever you imagine, let Aries and their design team help transform their pre-owned modular buildings into your next business adventure! Check out Aries’ Choosing Modular brochure for more ideas, visit Aries company Advanced Modular Space and view the prefabricated inventory to see how Aries can fill your business needs!

16 02, 2017

Peek Behind the Curtain at Advanced Modular Space

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Looking for the ULTIMATE modular solution? Are you a small business owner ready to expand? Maybe you represent local government that needs temporary space?

Look no further.

Advanced Modular Space, Inc. is YOUR turnkey solution.

Advanced Modular is an approved GSA vendor that brings three decades of experience to the table, with incredible proficiency in constructing and maintaining new and used modular buildings for educational, commercial, government, and institutional markets. This, in tandem with their in-depth knowledge of both temporary AND permanent modular construction means that Advanced Modular Space is fully equipped to accomplish any task relating to the design, manufacture, and installation of your next project.

Modular construction is a much faster and more affordable alternative to constructing a building traditionally. Why? Because modular units are built in climate-controlled conditions indoors, eliminating pesky on-site delays by weather and local ordinances as well as losses due to accidents in transportation and worker oversight. Modular units are sustainable, cost-effective, and are the most efficient way to meet your construction needs.

Not looking to buy? No fret. Advanced Modular Space has the strongest lease financing capabilities in the industry. When leasing with Advanced Modular Space, bringing you comfort and peace of mind is our number one priority. As opposed to traditional leasing contracts which can typically run 3-5 years and provides no customization and a static building, leasing a used modular building with AMS can give you much more financial and mobile freedom, with cheaper and shorter leasing contracts, giving you more cash flow to spend GROWING your business.

Speaking of comfort and peace of mind, Advanced Modular Space provides personal financing which utilizes our unmatched access to large amounts of capital to allow you to finance, transport, customize and install your new modular building – all from the same company. AMS truly is THE turn-key, one-stop-shop solution!

Advanced Modular Space also has a sizable inventory of used modular buildings. Yes, I did just say we have used modular inventory. Don’t turn your nose up yet! All of Advanced Modular’s used modular units are maintained and fit all standard building codes, can be customized to fit any modular building project you may have, and are available for purchase or lease at much lower prices than new! That’s right- Advanced Modular Space is KING when it comes to new and used modular inventory. Uses for a used modular building that save some strain on your wallet while offering flexibility include:

● Product Launches

● Swing-space retail

● Meetings

● Events

● Temporary Classrooms

● Lounges

● Temporary Offices

Advanced Modular Space offers new and used prefabricated buildings for office complexes, assemblies, education, medical applications, and much more. To view our existing modular inventory click here, or to request a quote, give us a call today! (703) 634-6694

9 02, 2017

Used Modular Inventory Makes a Big Splash

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As our economy evolves to a more dynamic and interconnected market, so do the needs and priorities of businesses and developers. Nowadays the focus is on streamlining: giving the client the quality and value they’re accustomed to while shearing off time and price wherever possible. In this new era, used modular inventory has become the go-to for savvy businesses in the know. Used modular buildings are transportable, customizable, and almost infinitely scalable. Best of all; twenty-first century modular is far from boring. New innovations in design and structure mean that modular units are often indistinguishable from traditional buildings.

Why invest in a single building that your business will outgrow in a few years when you could purchase, outfit, and install a modular unit for the same price or less. Later that same building can be transformed to suit any number of applications. If you decide to move your base of operations, that building can come along. If you need an upgrade on space, modular makes it easy to add on to existing layouts . The possibilities are endless!

Used modular inventory doesn’t have to be boring. Our existing buildings can be customized and outfitted to your exact specifications. We even ship across the country! To learn more about our modular inventory and browse a list of existing buildings, click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch with a team member, you can fill out our handy contact form.

3 02, 2017

Modular Building Boom

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With building and development, the goal of developers, builders, and businesses are safer, faster, cheaper, and more sustainable. As building and construction technology improve, it’s no surprise that modular is becoming more trendy and quickly gaining ground. Because modular can be built off-site, the ability to integrate higher quality finishing without interruption and ‘weather related’ conditions, many are making modular their first choice.

The benefits of modular greatly outweigh the grievances for many retail and franchise units. The outdated thought that ‘consistency’ can’t be held is proven wrong as chain restaurants opt for modular construction to maximize efficiency, cost, and have shorter construction timelines. This trend in the retail and fashion industry is growing to the point that there are retail developers that are created for the sole purpose of helping you convert your current store to a modular version. Fast food franchises are now including modular building and development as a part of their construction timeline and options.

In places like South Bend, developers are using modular construction to build mixed-use apartment complexes to spruce up the area. A developer is using $2.5 million to create apartment units, a rooftop deck and pool, as well as Class A office space (which is already leased!) to make the area more desirable for economic growth. What’s great about modular in ‘snow country’ is the fact that much of the building can be done year round and inside during months that traditional construction could not complete due to weather conditions.

In Michigan, this is the case for many developers. Traditionally, construction workers are laid off and construction stops during the winter months due to freezing conditions. As modular becomes more trendy and popular, and the ability to customize prefabricated pieces becomes easier and cheaper, many companies in the north are starting to utilize modular construction because they can keep construction timelines on track.

According to Construction Dive magazine, offsite modular and prefabricated construction is going to grow in 2017. As labor concerns become a greater challenge, alternative ways to build and construct while keeping on schedule will be the main reason that developers seek out modular building. Commercial development is on the up-tick and skilled labor is at a shortage making prefabricated modular building the best solution.

If you want to know more about using modular construction for your building development, contact Aries today! Call or email us for a free consultation call about how Aries Building and Aries Modular can be the solution for your business! Download Aries’ Choosing Modular Brochure for more information.

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