23 03, 2017

Prefabricated Buildings Can Help Alleviate Homelessness

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Prefabricated buildings can satisfy many of our customer’s needs: they are often used as temporary administrative buildings on job sites or as additional classrooms for growing schools.However, modular units can also be used to provide quick and affordable shelter for a city's homeless population. Modular buildings are an excellent way to deal with homelessness because

16 03, 2017

Modular Buildings Make Pop-Up Hotels a Breeze

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You've probably not realized it, but you have most likely walked through a modular building before. Nowadays many well-known developers are going ga-ga for modular buildings, incorporating elements and even entire units into their new designs. For example, Hilton's popular imprint DoubleTree began using prefabricated modular elements in their Tallahassee location in order to increase

4 03, 2017

VIDEO: Aries’ Workforce Housing in North Dakota

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This week we go inside one of our top-notch workforce housing accommodations operated by our partner company, Aries Residence Suites, in Williston, North Dakota. Our man camps are a cut above the rest; featuring well-appointed cabins, recreation centers, community kitchens, and more. This video featuring The Aries Guy Trey will fill you in on all