23 03, 2017

Prefabricated Buildings Can Help Alleviate Homelessness

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Prefabricated buildings can satisfy many of our customer’s needs: they are often used as temporary administrative buildings on job sites or as additional classrooms for growing schools.However, modular units can also be used to provide quick and affordable shelter for a city’s homeless population. Modular buildings are an excellent way to deal with homelessness because the units can be built at a fraction of the cost as a classic building. Prefabricated units are also created at a much quicker frequency than a traditional structure, so those who are in need can have access to shelter at a faster rate. Finally, modular units are incredibly adjustable. They are able to be placed in one location or city, and, if the needs of the city change, it can be transported with ease.

We are already witnessing how prefabricated buildings are making an impact on homelessness. Major cities are clamoring for answers, and one developer in San Francisco has offered to build 200 modular units once a compromise with unions and the city council can be reached. Modular homes in London, dubbed “Lego” homes, have been created as a short-term solution for its homeless population while they wait for more permanent housing. This particular development even has eight commercial spaces for local businesses, which helps increase awareness and bring business and employment opportunity to the area.

These developments across the world show that modular building can provide innovative solutions for many real-world issues. Please visit our website where you can find information about the types of modular units we have available, as well as how these prefabricated units can save you money compared to more traditional building means. You can leave us a note on our website, and we can also be reached at (703) 672-3537. We’re able to answer any questions you may have about modular construction, leasing, installation, and customization.

16 03, 2017

Modular Buildings Make Pop-Up Hotels a Breeze

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You’ve probably not realized it, but you have most likely walked through a modular building before. Nowadays many well-known developers are going ga-ga for modular buildings, incorporating elements and even entire units into their new designs. For example, Hilton’s popular imprint DoubleTree began using prefabricated modular elements in their Tallahassee location in order to increase value for guests while keeping costs down. If it worked for Hilton, can it work for you? The answer is: absolutely!

The hospitality and tourism industry has long been an intriguing prospect for investors, as the return on investment can be quite lucrative when compared to other markets. However, larger hotels (essentially for recouping investment quickly) can over a year to complete using traditional methods. That’s why so many companies have embraced modular in recent years: modular buildings can be constructed in up to half the time, utilizing building and installation methods which increase efficiency and minimize waste, further improving investors’ bottom line.

Xanterra Parks and Resorts came across a major obstacle in building their new Canyon Lodge & Cabins – namely, the weather. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures make construction impossible for several months out of the year. After turning to modular, developers were able to budget the entire project for $70 million, and reduce the time to occupancy from 3-5 years to just 6 months.

Running short on time? You can double down on modular buildings by taking advantage of Advanced Modular Space’s extensive inventory of pre-owned modular buildings, each inspected and ready to be fully customized for your business’ unique needs and branding!

Don’t let a lack of real estate stop you from taking your business to the next level. Advanced Modular can get you into a fully outfitted pre-owned modular building in record time. Pop-up event space? Modular hotel? Anything’s possible when you work with modular! Fill out our contact form to get started today!

10 03, 2017

It’s Your Goal: Achieve It Faster with Modular Construction

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As technology continues to explode at an exponential rate, the current economic climate necessitates that business owners who are looking to keep up use every advantage they can when it comes to cutting costs and saving time. No matter the industry in which you operate, whether it be retail, fast fashion, medical or government, reducing the time to occupancy, especially if your building will be revenue-producing, is critical for the health of your business. In this pursuit, utilizing Advanced Modular Space’s construction of new modular buildings- or our used modular inventory- is the perfect solution.

What makes us the right choice? AMS’ modular buildings are constructed in a climate controlled environment, safe from harmful weather elements that could set back the production of a traditionally constructed building- costing you both time and money. Another aspect of our construction method is the fact that site preparation and unit construction are performed simultaneously. This can minimize your projected project cost by 30%, 40% – even 50%, and it will be ready for occupation in half the time.

If you have reservations or think that modular buildings are unsightly or aren’t built to par, you are in fact wrong. The fact is that, because of the incredible quality control that indoor construction provides, a modularly constructed unit will be sturdier and more reliable than its traditionally built counterpart. Utilizing our value-added customization services, your modular unit can be just as or more aesthetically pleasing at fractions of the cost. We can create new buildings or retool old ones to accurately represent your brand, your style, your movement.

When a quick return on investment (ROI) is the name of the game, partnering with a prefabricated modular building manufacturer such as Advanced Modular Space is never the wrong answer.

This is it. This is where your journey begins. Let us help you every step of the way with our turn-key solutions and excellent customer service.

CALL US TODAY AT (703) 820-2900 to get started. Or see our banner below to browse our used modular inventory.


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4 03, 2017

VIDEO: Aries’ Workforce Housing in North Dakota

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This week we go inside one of our top-notch workforce housing accommodations operated by our partner company, Aries Residence Suites, in Williston, North Dakota. Our man camps are a cut above the rest; featuring well-appointed cabins, recreation centers, community kitchens, and more. This video featuring The Aries Guy Trey will fill you in on all the details!

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