2504, 2017
  • modular construction

Video – Traditional versus Modular Construction

This short animated video will show you how Aries can use modular construction techniques to save you time and money. What would YOU do with a 50% reduction in time to occupancy? If

304, 2017
  • RAM Report video

How To Sign Up For The RAM Report: VIDEO

The RAM Report, brought to you by Advanced Modular Space's parent company Aries, contains lots of useful information, modular building news, company culture, and so much more! If you've been looking for a

2303, 2017

Prefabricated Buildings Can Help Alleviate Homelessness

Prefabricated buildings can satisfy many of our customer’s needs: they are often used as temporary administrative buildings on job sites or as additional classrooms for growing schools.However, modular units can also be used to provide

1603, 2017

Modular Buildings Make Pop-Up Hotels a Breeze

You've probably not realized it, but you have most likely walked through a modular building before. Nowadays many well-known developers are going ga-ga for modular buildings, incorporating elements and even entire units into their