8 06, 2018

How Used Modular Buildings Assist Industrial Industries

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In the working world, modular buildings are widely used, typically serving as worksite offices. This is true for many industries. In the industrial sector, the applications of modular buildings are extensive. Industrial worksites often require dedicated spaces for operations such as handling hazardous material. With modular construction, these dedicated spaces are provided quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Some of the unique requirements of industrial work zones and how industrial modular buildings meet these needs is discussed below.

Clean Rooms

A “clean room” is a designated area that maintains a very low level of microscopic pollutants like dust or aerosol products. These rooms are ideal for conducting work that would otherwise be compromised by airborne particles. For example, in the engineering of medical devices, accumulation of dust can negatively affect properties such as conductivity.

Clean rooms require specific air flow distribution to operate properly. With modular construction, cleanrooms can be constructed with little to no effect on the surrounding building; i.e., cleanrooms can be conveniently situated within a larger building without the need to adjust the airflow throughout.

Environmental Enclosures

The typical purpose of environmental enclosures is improved control over factors like humidity and temperature levels in the room. An environmental enclosure may also be used to contain by-products of processes (e.g., paint fumes) within a designated area.

The applications of environmental enclosures include pharmaceutical packaging, housing sensitive calibration equipment, processing of petrochemicals, etc.

As with cleanrooms, modular environmental enclosures allow industries improved control over the critical elements of the room.

Soundproof Rooms

Soundproof rooms come in handy in industries where very loud noises are common, e.g., construction.  Modular industrial building is particularly convenient for industries that require soundproof rooms. If noise levels are disrupting processes in a certain location, modular rooms can be constructed or relocated within the building to combat the issue quickly.

Control Rooms

Modular control rooms just make sense. The location of the control room relative to other rooms is important, especially if visual monitoring is required. With modular construction, the placement and size of control rooms is easily adaptable to changing/growing company demands.

Summary of Benefits of Industrial Modular Buildings

Modular construction allows a level of flexibility that traditional construction does not offer. As companies experience growth, modular rooms/buildings are much easier to move, expand, or reduce in size, at a much lower price! Modular installation also reduces the disruption to work processes occurring near the installation site. Particularly important in the industrial setting, modular rooms can be constructed to have unique properties compared to the surrounding building, e.g., airflow distribution.

Contact Advanced modular Space today at 703-972-5794 or check out our online inventory anytime!

21 03, 2018

4 Cool Modular Pop-Up Shop Ideas

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Many industries benefit from the cost savings and flexibility of modular buildings. A new wave of businessmen and women looking to set up “pop-up shops” are taking advantage of modular construction.

A modular pop-up shop, in case you haven’t heard, are exactly what they sound like…well, almost. They appear to “pop-up” almost overnight. A pop-up shop is any business selling products or services that operates from a designated physical space but is intentionally temporary.

Pop-up shops allow sellers to test out their products without committing to purchasing a store space (whether that be purchasing an available spot in the mall at full-price or buying a vacant lot and footing the bill for building). Pop-up shops are very ideal for entrepreneurs to test the waters, get a feel for the area’s interest in a certain product, and what kind of revenue stream the area can generate.

Pop-up shops have typically operated from within other stores, in event spaces, or in the middle of shopping centers (think of those stands selling purses or cell phone cases that line the center of malls).

Modular pop-up shop owners are showing interest in modular construction. Pop-up shops and modular buildings really go hand-in-hand when you consider their shared focus on quick availability, convenience, flexibility, and potential for relocation.

Check out these pop-up shops that have taken advantage of the modular world.

modular pop-up shop 1

What you see here is a super quirky use of modular construction for a temporary shop selling Illy coffee products. Everything that is white in this picture was crafted from the same basic piece: a 45×45 cm cube. These modular cubes are put together and adjusted in depth and length to serve different purposes-a display case for a coffee maker or a desk for cashier transactions. 200 total cubes make up this shop and can easily be rearranged or relocated.


modular pop-up shop 2

Here is another modular pop-up shop supporting the love of coffee: The ING Express Mobile Coffee Bar. This shop’s modular construction allows it to be easily relocated or even reimagined into a sandwich shop. Oh, and check this out: anyone who says modular can’t be beautiful hasn’t laid eyes on this regal lion on the side of this modular building.


modular pop-up shop 3

This modular pop-up (pictured above) is used as a mini-branch of National Australian Bank. The primary purpose of these little giants is to serve areas recovering from natural disasters. It takes 90 minutes to assemble and offers a sales room, service area, and transaction zone.


modular pop-up shop 4

Adding to the variety of pop-up shop services, this mobile store sells sports apparel.

Featured in the photo above is The Die Hard Company. This company operates primarily online, but utilizes the pop-up shop concept to test local markets.

The list of applications for modular buildings continues to grow. The convenience, affordability, and flexibility of modular buildings cannot be overstated!

If you are interested in purchasing or leasing a modular building, contact Aries Building Systems today: 888-991-5416 or info@ariesbuildings.com


6 03, 2018

Modular Classrooms: Are They Less Healthy Than When Traditionally Built?

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Modular classrooms are at the peak of their popularity, with more and more school districts taking interest in the affordability and convenience of modular buildings. There are many scenarios in which modular classrooms come in handy; rapidly growing student populations, replacements after weather damage, etc. In every scenario, the speedy construction, design flexibility, and added amenities for a great price is certainly appealing to districts in need.

The pros of modular classrooms are uncontested. However, as they gain popularity, parents and communities are expressing concern over the safety of modular buildings. Common points of concern are air quality, stability, and security.

Some have expressed concern that the ventilation in modular classrooms is sub-par compared to traditional buildings. This concern would likely be legitimate a couple decades ago, but not so much these days. As modular classrooms grow in popularity, more attention is being paid to quality control and assurance of building design and function.

Modular buildings are held to the same design standards as traditional buildings. Guidelines for the optimal functioning of HVAC systems exist for both modular and traditional buildings. Both manufacturers and consumers routinely consult these guidelines to ensure the system is constructed and used properly.

Proper use and maintenance of HVAC systems is critical. If a system is designed well, but used improperly, the system will eventually fail. Thus, responsibility is shared between the manufacturer and the consumer. Frequent and consistent maintenance should include changing air filters, maintaining correct temperature and fan settings, annual inspections, etc.

As for the stability of modular classrooms, rest assured you will not feel the floor shifting or the roof falling in if you purchase from a legitimate and experienced manufacturer. Modular buildings are highly regulated and are required to be built with compliance to the International Building Code.

You may be inclined to wonder if modular classrooms are capable of a high level of security. The answer is absolutely. Modular classrooms have come a long way and are fully capable of advanced, electronic security features like key card access and cameras.

For further assurance, keep in mind that modular classrooms are built in a factory where every step of the construction process is monitored. In this type of setting, quality control is at its absolute highest.

Advanced Modular Space’s online portfolio of used modular buildings:

Contact Advanced Modular Space today for professional design, delivery, and installation of your new modular classroom: (703)672-3537 or farkohk@rammodular.com

2 01, 2018
  • unique modular buildings

Unique Modular Buildings: Ideas for 2018

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Modular pop-up shops are a great option for entrepreneurs who are looking for a innovative, low-cost and highly portable retail solution. Great for e-commerce marketplaces who are looking to take your products to the public, or a business testing out new markets, a modular-pop up shop helps you be where you need to be, when it counts the most.


As the future of farming is tending to grow up rather than out, modular vertical farms are the on-the-rise. The cost efficiency of modular construction, along with the customizability that allows for complex hydroponic systems in small, climate controlled rooms, are the perfect fit for farmers who are looking for a crop-production solution that defies the norm and saves on space.


When disaster strikes, time is of the essence when it comes to rendering aid as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unique modular buildings exist for all kinds of application, including:

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Construction

By partnering with modular building companies, local, state, and federal governments can be in a position to deploy modular buildings, modular classrooms, and more in critical time – and begin the rebuilding process with safety and security.


In military training exercises, modular buildings are often used as environments to test skills city and suburb environments. Or, they can take the form of large scale gymnasiums with obstacles like mock elevator shafts, utility towers and a climbing-wall. When it comes to the versatile nature of military training exercises, the buildings you use have to be just as versatile.


Sports facilities that are constructed modularly are flexible, reusable, and adaptable to new needs. Modular sports complexes can be used for a number of sports related activities, both indoor and outdoor. Indoor facilities include school gyms, driving ranges, and batting cages. Outdoor facilities include concession stands, soccer and baseball fields, and more.


Modular buildings are strong and sturdy, and industrial modular buildings are built to be even stronger. Unique modular buildings in an industrial setting are often used for on-site construction offices, or as a temporary office building for employees while renovations are underway.


Workforce housing is a key component of oil field operations. They may be designed, manufactured, and managed to suit any size workforce. Companies of any size, regardless of the size of the project, you’ll want a comfortable working environment, and you’ll want that community assembled as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

29 11, 2017
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How to Maintain Your Used Modular Building

maintain your used modular building

No matter what application you use your modular building for, regular and proper maintenance is important to ensure that your unit remains an effective space throughout its lifespan. Everyone should know how to maintain your used modular building!

Our used modular buildings are kept in great condition, and undergo rigorous re-inspection and renovation work before they are leased or purchased by you. But once it’s in your hands, there are steps you can take to make sure your modular unit services you well for years to come.

Without further ado, here’s Advanced Modular Space’s guide to maintaining your used modular building.



The outer walls of your modular unit are susceptible to corrosion and decay if not properly maintained. Whether they’re made with wood, vinyl, steel, or aluminum, we recommend a light pressure washing the sidings on a yearly basis to fight the buildup of dirt, grime, and pollen. Or, if you only need to spot clean, use a sponge soaked in warm, soapy water.

Furthermore, we recommend you keep any foliage well-trimmed so that it’s not in direct contact with the unit.


Along with the walls, the roof is susceptible to grime buildup from weather, along with debris (fallen leaves, tree branches, etc.). Regularly sweeping the roof and cleaning the gutters will reduce water buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew.


The windows of your unit can be cleaned using standard household cleaning solutions. In addition, you should regularly wipe down the sliding mechanism to fight against dirt – significant dirt buildup can cause wear when opening and closing the window.


If your unit is painted, avoid using abrasives when cleaning the exterior. Being too rough on the paint can cause the paint to chip – so use a warm, soapy mixture to clean it.



Keep flooring free of standing water and dirt accumulation. When cleaning the floors, typical floor cleaners can be used. In the event of damaged flooring, identify where the warping is occurring and replace as soon as possible.


Proper upkeep of your HVAC unit is crucial! Replace the filter/screen on a monthly basis to maintain a clean air environment. Also, inspect the unit for rust or corrosion frequently.


Replace as needed.


Ensure that the caulking around the interior plumbing is properly sealed, and apply more if it is not. Also, check regularly for rust or sediment buildup on the outside, and keep an eye out for leaks which can cause warping in the floor and walls.


Proper upkeep of your modular unit is crucial in maintaining its usefulness throughout the years, and it only takes a small amount of upkeep, beyond your regular cleaning schedule, to ensure that.

Have a maintenance job that’s bigger than you can handle? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer help. Contact us here.

18 09, 2017

Used Modular Buildings are Environmentally Friendly

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used modular buildings are environmentally friendly

Individuals across the nation are becoming increasingly more conscious of their carbon footprint, and professionals who are contemplating an expansion or refurbishment of their facilities are no exception.

There are many environmental benefits of having a modular building constructed for projects such as these – less carbon emissions from material delivery trucks, less material waste, and less environmental impact on the building site – but not many realize that you can double down on the environmental benefit by choosing to utilize a used modular building!

Why Used Modular Buildings Are Environmentally Friendly

Adaptability. Flexibility. Reusability. These are the three factors that contribute to a modular building’s recyclability. That’s right, just as you can recycle plastics, you can also re-use a modular building to great success.

One major factor that contributes to the reusability one of Advanced Modular Space’s used modular buildings is our state of the art construction techniques. Modular construction is inherently more durable than a stick-built building, by necessity.

The modular unit must travel while partly or fully assembled to its destination, which requires sturdy construction. Luckily for the end user, this durability persists throughout the life of the modular building, and retains its structural integrity even after having been transported to multiple locations!

The modular building that served as a classroom yesterday, can serve as a pop-up shop location today, and an office expansion tomorrow. Achieving that level of reusability is a chief aspect of our business.

New modular construction already reduces materials waste from projects by over 90%. So just think about all of the material you’re keeping from ending up in a landfill by choosing to reuse, or upcycle a modular building!

As a final point to why used modular buildings are environmentally friendly, the installation and removal of a modular building is much friendlier to the project site than stick-built construction and demolition. With used modular buildings, you’re looking at a unit that has been safely installed and removed from a location, and has the capability to do so again and again.

Whenever environmentally sustainable practices become a priority for a business, forging partnerships with modular building suppliers like our sister company Aries Building Systems, or a used modular building supplier like us is a no-brainer. Together, we can work to make this planet a more beautiful and healthier place to live, while also saving you precious time and money.

That’s the Aries way.

7 08, 2017

Aries Provides Turnkey Modular Solutions for Amtrak | New Haven, CT

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Aries Building Systems and Amtrak have teamed up yet again on another successfully executed modular building project. Earlier this month, Aries Buildings completed the installation of a modular office complex at Amtrak’s maintenance facility in New Haven, Connecticut. The facility runs 24 hours a day, so Amtrak was in need of a company that specializes in turnkey modular solutions; and Aries was the obvious choice.

The Aries Turnkey Advantage was in full effect on this project, with Amtrak’s tight budget and even tighter timeline being non-negotiable. Aries managed to deliver the modular office complex in an impressive 75-day period from manufacturing to installation.

Luckily, Aries Building Systems has fostered deep business relationships in New England that allowed them to complete this project ahead of schedule. “Once you find a team that works well together, you’ve got to keep that lineup. In Connecticut, we’ve allied with a strong group of companies that share the Aries work ethic – and together we delivered.” -Brian Turner, Director of Major Projects, Aries Building Systems.

“Since this is a 24/7 facility,” continues Brain Turner, “we had to minimize Amtrak’s downtime. When we came in and demolished the existing building, within 10 days the new modular building complex we installed was fully operational.”

The 2,160 sq. ft. complex (comprised of three modular buildings total) will serve as a modular office complex for use by their maintenance workers; including a portable locker room and modular rest area facilities.
What exactly is it about Aries Building Systems’ turnkey modular solutions that large companies like Amtrak seek out return business? Bryan Turner explains: “Customers find our personal approach invaluable. On this particular project, I was the sales person, project manager, administrator, and point of contact from beginning to end. That’s the Aries paradigm. Our goal is to be consistent, dependable, and accessible from start to finish.”

Interested in learning more about Aries Building Systems? Visit our website, view our used inventory here, and give us a call at (703) 570-5493 can ask how the Aries Turnkey Advantage can work for you!

24 07, 2017

Modular Units Can Drive Down Project Costs Significantly

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modular units

Modular units can drive down project costs significantly, but don’t just take our word for it – big names like Marriott, who now uses modular for 13% of their North American hotel offerings this year, and even Google are joining the fun.

Offsite assembly and modular construction can maximize efficiency when to comes to building in tight urban spaces like the Bay Area. The region’s tech boom in the last two decades means that real estate is at an all-time premium. Tech titan Google recently invested 30 million in 300 modular units, likely to be used for short-term housing for employees. In addition to cutting project costs by utilizing cutting edge modular building techniques, Google can help minimize environmental impact of their business by providing employees with a shorter commute than they would have to travel if they sought housing further away. In fact, the “Bay View Campus” as its being called, will house employees right next to their place of employment, easing the crushing cost of living associated with metropolitan San Francisco.

And it’s not just Silicon Valley that’s getting in on the modular action: as the need for multifamily and lower-cost housing options increase in urban areas around the worlds, developers and builders are eschewing the outdated, “boring” view of prefabricated buildings in favor of beautifully designed, easily adaptable modern modular units. Nonprofits, shelters, government housing and mobile workforce are just some of the parties interested in leasing or purchasing modular units to quickly get heads on beds. The reusable, highly efficient methods of modular construction mean that these budget conscious projects can keep costs down while delivering a superior product to those who need it most.

Advanced Modular Space prides itself on providing the highest quality pre-owned modular units available on the market today. Whether it’s an office complex, a mobile housing unit, a medical clinic, or even a classroom, Advanced Modular will work to outfit and design your building to fit your project’s exact needs. The best part? We can ship to ANYWHERE in the continental United States! Give us a call today at (703) 972-5794 to find your perfect building.

6 06, 2017
  • used modular buildings for government

Used Modular Buildings for Government

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Here at Advanced Modular Space, we understand the demanding, time-sensitive needs of government agencies’ facilities. Whether you’re at the local, state, regional, or federal level, Aries offers our meticulously crafted used modular buildings for government that will insure a high quality, professional modular office or modular facility. And, the inherent quality of project customization associated with modular buildings makes us the perfect choice for the ever-changing needs of military agencies. From leasing modular headquarters to modular barracks for sale, we’ve got you covered.

Drop us an email, or call Advanced Modular Space at (703) 820-2900 and ask how we can help you lead the way.

8 05, 2017
  • prefabricated medical clinic, used modular buildings for healthcare

Used Modular Buildings for Healthcare

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Are you looking to expand on your doctor’s office, medical laboratory, or fully functional medical clinic? Why start from scratch- when Advanced Modular Space has a wide inventory of used modular buildings for you to utilize? Together, we can help you transform one of our fully maintained used modular units into a facility worthy of your cause.

View our used inventory here, and give us a call at (703) 820-2900 can ask how we can help you help the public!

25 04, 2017
  • modular construction

Video – Traditional versus Modular Construction

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This short animated video will show you how Aries can use modular construction techniques to save you time and money.

What would YOU do with a 50% reduction in time to occupancy? If you want to learn more, please contact us at (703) 820-2900, and to save EVEN MORE TIME with your project, check out our sizable inventory of used modular buildings here. 

3 04, 2017
  • RAM Report video

How To Sign Up For The RAM Report: VIDEO

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The RAM Report, brought to you by Advanced Modular Space’s parent company Aries, contains lots of useful information, modular building news, company culture, and so much more! If you’ve been looking for a way to sign up for our newsletter, but weren’t sure where to start, we have a solution for you!

We’re pleased to bring you the first in a new series of animated, informative videos all about the Aries family of companies! First things first: how to sign up for our newsletter! Follow along with this fun video and you’ll find the RAM Report in your inbox in no time flat! The RAM Report comes out four times a year and covers exciting topics like our used modular inventory, modular construction, Aries company culture, and so much more! We hope you’ll subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with the complete series!


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23 03, 2017

Prefabricated Buildings Can Help Alleviate Homelessness

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Prefabricated buildings can satisfy many of our customer’s needs: they are often used as temporary administrative buildings on job sites or as additional classrooms for growing schools.However, modular units can also be used to provide quick and affordable shelter for a city’s homeless population. Modular buildings are an excellent way to deal with homelessness because the units can be built at a fraction of the cost as a classic building. Prefabricated units are also created at a much quicker frequency than a traditional structure, so those who are in need can have access to shelter at a faster rate. Finally, modular units are incredibly adjustable. They are able to be placed in one location or city, and, if the needs of the city change, it can be transported with ease.

We are already witnessing how prefabricated buildings are making an impact on homelessness. Major cities are clamoring for answers, and one developer in San Francisco has offered to build 200 modular units once a compromise with unions and the city council can be reached. Modular homes in London, dubbed “Lego” homes, have been created as a short-term solution for its homeless population while they wait for more permanent housing. This particular development even has eight commercial spaces for local businesses, which helps increase awareness and bring business and employment opportunity to the area.

These developments across the world show that modular building can provide innovative solutions for many real-world issues. Please visit our website where you can find information about the types of modular units we have available, as well as how these prefabricated units can save you money compared to more traditional building means. You can leave us a note on our website, and we can also be reached at (703) 672-3537. We’re able to answer any questions you may have about modular construction, leasing, installation, and customization.

16 03, 2017

Modular Buildings Make Pop-Up Hotels a Breeze

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You’ve probably not realized it, but you have most likely walked through a modular building before. Nowadays many well-known developers are going ga-ga for modular buildings, incorporating elements and even entire units into their new designs. For example, Hilton’s popular imprint DoubleTree began using prefabricated modular elements in their Tallahassee location in order to increase value for guests while keeping costs down. If it worked for Hilton, can it work for you? The answer is: absolutely!

The hospitality and tourism industry has long been an intriguing prospect for investors, as the return on investment can be quite lucrative when compared to other markets. However, larger hotels (essentially for recouping investment quickly) can over a year to complete using traditional methods. That’s why so many companies have embraced modular in recent years: modular buildings can be constructed in up to half the time, utilizing building and installation methods which increase efficiency and minimize waste, further improving investors’ bottom line.

Xanterra Parks and Resorts came across a major obstacle in building their new Canyon Lodge & Cabins – namely, the weather. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures make construction impossible for several months out of the year. After turning to modular, developers were able to budget the entire project for $70 million, and reduce the time to occupancy from 3-5 years to just 6 months.

Running short on time? You can double down on modular buildings by taking advantage of Advanced Modular Space’s extensive inventory of pre-owned modular buildings, each inspected and ready to be fully customized for your business’ unique needs and branding!

Don’t let a lack of real estate stop you from taking your business to the next level. Advanced Modular can get you into a fully outfitted pre-owned modular building in record time. Pop-up event space? Modular hotel? Anything’s possible when you work with modular! Fill out our contact form to get started today!

10 03, 2017

It’s Your Goal: Achieve It Faster with Modular Construction

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As technology continues to explode at an exponential rate, the current economic climate necessitates that business owners who are looking to keep up use every advantage they can when it comes to cutting costs and saving time. No matter the industry in which you operate, whether it be retail, fast fashion, medical or government, reducing the time to occupancy, especially if your building will be revenue-producing, is critical for the health of your business. In this pursuit, utilizing Advanced Modular Space’s construction of new modular buildings- or our used modular inventory- is the perfect solution.

What makes us the right choice? AMS’ modular buildings are constructed in a climate controlled environment, safe from harmful weather elements that could set back the production of a traditionally constructed building- costing you both time and money. Another aspect of our construction method is the fact that site preparation and unit construction are performed simultaneously. This can minimize your projected project cost by 30%, 40% – even 50%, and it will be ready for occupation in half the time.

If you have reservations or think that modular buildings are unsightly or aren’t built to par, you are in fact wrong. The fact is that, because of the incredible quality control that indoor construction provides, a modularly constructed unit will be sturdier and more reliable than its traditionally built counterpart. Utilizing our value-added customization services, your modular unit can be just as or more aesthetically pleasing at fractions of the cost. We can create new buildings or retool old ones to accurately represent your brand, your style, your movement.

When a quick return on investment (ROI) is the name of the game, partnering with a prefabricated modular building manufacturer such as Advanced Modular Space is never the wrong answer.

This is it. This is where your journey begins. Let us help you every step of the way with our turn-key solutions and excellent customer service.

CALL US TODAY AT (703) 820-2900 to get started. Or see our banner below to browse our used modular inventory.


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4 03, 2017

VIDEO: Aries’ Workforce Housing in North Dakota

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This week we go inside one of our top-notch workforce housing accommodations operated by our partner company, Aries Residence Suites, in Williston, North Dakota. Our man camps are a cut above the rest; featuring well-appointed cabins, recreation centers, community kitchens, and more. This video featuring The Aries Guy Trey will fill you in on all the details!

About Reliant Asset Management (RAM)

Reliant Asset Management provides premier modular space solutions to a variety of growing industries in the U.S. and Canada including the energy, education, healthcare, and government markets.
Through our multiple subsidiaries, including Aries Building Systems, we offer a comprehensive array of products and services that include design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and financing.

Advanced Modular Space Contact: (703) 672-3537

22 02, 2017

Used Modular, Fresh Concepts

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AMSpreownedModular buildings are no longer the drab and grey eyesores of the past. These days, designers are having a second look at prefabrication for use in restaurant and retail industries. Time is money. The quicker the building is raised, the quicker the revenue flows in. Advanced Modular Space has a large pre-used inventory that have limitless possibilities.

Perhaps you are the owner, or are looking into a potential seasonal business that could run short on housing or need additional space, prefabricated modular buildings can be the perfect solution once they are retro-fitted to suit your needs. Places with a lot of tourism during some parts of the year are a good example! Modular units can be temporarily installed, or you can place them permanently!

In places like Colorado where both seasonal and affordable housing are scarce, places like Ute are using modular buildings as a temporary housing solution. Many franchises and other business tend to avoid choosing a modular building due to a fear of their exterior brand being lost to a grey, boxy building. However, with the help of the Aries design team, designing the pre-used modular unit into an attractive, aesthetically pleasing unit that will have your competitors GREEN with envy will be a simple and painless process.

In the ‘fast food’ or ‘fast fashion’ industries, purchasing from used modular inventory and then customizing the building to your liking is usually a preferable option compared to leasing a commercial space or traditionally constructing a building. When one leases commercial space, you’re on the hook for the common areas, repairs, maintenance, property taxes and you have to do this for YEARS because you signed a tight, multi-year lease! Many pop up establishments are run into the ground for this very reason.

From setting up to tearing down; with the rise of fast fashion, retailers need to launch fast, test their products quickly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, have a solid ESCAPE PLAN for when the time to close up shop rolls around! Modular is hot with retail establishments because it satisfies all of those qualities.

The idea is becoming so popular and common place, there are retail developers that help businesses specialize in this type of installation. Imagine customizing using YOUR colors, YOUR brand, your interior and exterior choices, and the entire building is already code compliant.

Many entrepreneurs are avoiding expensive start up costs and moving into alternative methods of starting a business, often avoiding large bank loans.

No matter your business, service or DREAM, Advanced Modular Space has the preowned inventory that can suit any of your needs. Whatever you can come with, let us and our design team help transform our pre-owned modular buildings into your latest business venture!

Whatever your reason, Aries has preowned inventory that can perform to your wildest dreams. Whatever you imagine, let Aries and their design team help transform their pre-owned modular buildings into your next business adventure! Check out Aries’ Choosing Modular brochure for more ideas, visit Aries company Advanced Modular Space and view the prefabricated inventory to see how Aries can fill your business needs!

16 02, 2017

Peek Behind the Curtain at Advanced Modular Space

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Looking for the ULTIMATE modular solution? Are you a small business owner ready to expand? Maybe you represent local government that needs temporary space?

Look no further.

Advanced Modular Space, Inc. is YOUR turnkey solution.

Advanced Modular is an approved GSA vendor that brings three decades of experience to the table, with incredible proficiency in constructing and maintaining new and used modular buildings for educational, commercial, government, and institutional markets. This, in tandem with their in-depth knowledge of both temporary AND permanent modular construction means that Advanced Modular Space is fully equipped to accomplish any task relating to the design, manufacture, and installation of your next project.

Modular construction is a much faster and more affordable alternative to constructing a building traditionally. Why? Because modular units are built in climate-controlled conditions indoors, eliminating pesky on-site delays by weather and local ordinances as well as losses due to accidents in transportation and worker oversight. Modular units are sustainable, cost-effective, and are the most efficient way to meet your construction needs.

Not looking to buy? No fret. Advanced Modular Space has the strongest lease financing capabilities in the industry. When leasing with Advanced Modular Space, bringing you comfort and peace of mind is our number one priority. As opposed to traditional leasing contracts which can typically run 3-5 years and provides no customization and a static building, leasing a used modular building with AMS can give you much more financial and mobile freedom, with cheaper and shorter leasing contracts, giving you more cash flow to spend GROWING your business.

Speaking of comfort and peace of mind, Advanced Modular Space provides personal financing which utilizes our unmatched access to large amounts of capital to allow you to finance, transport, customize and install your new modular building – all from the same company. AMS truly is THE turn-key, one-stop-shop solution!

Advanced Modular Space also has a sizable inventory of used modular buildings. Yes, I did just say we have used modular inventory. Don’t turn your nose up yet! All of Advanced Modular’s used modular units are maintained and fit all standard building codes, can be customized to fit any modular building project you may have, and are available for purchase or lease at much lower prices than new! That’s right- Advanced Modular Space is KING when it comes to new and used modular inventory. Uses for a used modular building that save some strain on your wallet while offering flexibility include:

● Product Launches

● Swing-space retail

● Meetings

● Events

● Temporary Classrooms

● Lounges

● Temporary Offices

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9 02, 2017

Used Modular Inventory Makes a Big Splash

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As our economy evolves to a more dynamic and interconnected market, so do the needs and priorities of businesses and developers. Nowadays the focus is on streamlining: giving the client the quality and value they’re accustomed to while shearing off time and price wherever possible. In this new era, used modular inventory has become the go-to for savvy businesses in the know. Used modular buildings are transportable, customizable, and almost infinitely scalable. Best of all; twenty-first century modular is far from boring. New innovations in design and structure mean that modular units are often indistinguishable from traditional buildings.

Why invest in a single building that your business will outgrow in a few years when you could purchase, outfit, and install a modular unit for the same price or less. Later that same building can be transformed to suit any number of applications. If you decide to move your base of operations, that building can come along. If you need an upgrade on space, modular makes it easy to add on to existing layouts . The possibilities are endless!

Used modular inventory doesn’t have to be boring. Our existing buildings can be customized and outfitted to your exact specifications. We even ship across the country! To learn more about our modular inventory and browse a list of existing buildings, click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch with a team member, you can fill out our handy contact form.

3 02, 2017

Modular Building Boom

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With building and development, the goal of developers, builders, and businesses are safer, faster, cheaper, and more sustainable. As building and construction technology improve, it’s no surprise that modular is becoming more trendy and quickly gaining ground. Because modular can be built off-site, the ability to integrate higher quality finishing without interruption and ‘weather related’ conditions, many are making modular their first choice.

The benefits of modular greatly outweigh the grievances for many retail and franchise units. The outdated thought that ‘consistency’ can’t be held is proven wrong as chain restaurants opt for modular construction to maximize efficiency, cost, and have shorter construction timelines. This trend in the retail and fashion industry is growing to the point that there are retail developers that are created for the sole purpose of helping you convert your current store to a modular version. Fast food franchises are now including modular building and development as a part of their construction timeline and options.

In places like South Bend, developers are using modular construction to build mixed-use apartment complexes to spruce up the area. A developer is using $2.5 million to create apartment units, a rooftop deck and pool, as well as Class A office space (which is already leased!) to make the area more desirable for economic growth. What’s great about modular in ‘snow country’ is the fact that much of the building can be done year round and inside during months that traditional construction could not complete due to weather conditions.

In Michigan, this is the case for many developers. Traditionally, construction workers are laid off and construction stops during the winter months due to freezing conditions. As modular becomes more trendy and popular, and the ability to customize prefabricated pieces becomes easier and cheaper, many companies in the north are starting to utilize modular construction because they can keep construction timelines on track.

According to Construction Dive magazine, offsite modular and prefabricated construction is going to grow in 2017. As labor concerns become a greater challenge, alternative ways to build and construct while keeping on schedule will be the main reason that developers seek out modular building. Commercial development is on the up-tick and skilled labor is at a shortage making prefabricated modular building the best solution.

If you want to know more about using modular construction for your building development, contact Aries today! Call or email us for a free consultation call about how Aries Building and Aries Modular can be the solution for your business! Download Aries’ Choosing Modular Brochure for more information.

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