2 01, 2018
  • unique modular buildings

Unique Modular Buildings: Ideas for 2018

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POP UP SHOPS Modular pop-up shops are a great option for entrepreneurs who are looking for a innovative, low-cost and highly portable retail solution. Great for e-commerce marketplaces who are looking to take your products to the public, or a business testing out new markets, a modular-pop up shop helps you be where you

29 11, 2017
  • maintain your used modular building

How to Maintain Your Used Modular Building

No matter what application you use your modular building for, regular and proper maintenance is important to ensure that your unit remains an effective space throughout its lifespan. Everyone should know how to maintain your used modular building! Our used modular buildings are kept in great condition, and undergo rigorous re-inspection and renovation

18 09, 2017

Used Modular Buildings are Environmentally Friendly

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Individuals across the nation are becoming increasingly more conscious of their carbon footprint, and professionals who are contemplating an expansion or refurbishment of their facilities are no exception. There are many environmental benefits of having a modular building constructed for projects such as these – less carbon emissions from material delivery trucks, less

7 08, 2017

Aries Provides Turnkey Modular Solutions for Amtrak | New Haven, CT

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  Aries Building Systems and Amtrak have teamed up yet again on another successfully executed modular building project. Earlier this month, Aries Buildings completed the installation of a modular office complex at Amtrak’s maintenance facility in New Haven, Connecticut. The facility runs 24 hours a day, so Amtrak was in need of a

6 06, 2017
  • used modular buildings for government

Used Modular Buildings for Government

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Here at Advanced Modular Space, we understand the demanding, time-sensitive needs of government agencies’ facilities. Whether you’re at the local, state, regional, or federal level, Aries offers our meticulously crafted used modular buildings for government that will insure a high quality, professional modular office or modular facility. And, the inherent quality of

8 05, 2017
  • prefabricated medical clinic, used modular buildings for healthcare

Used Modular Buildings for Healthcare

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Are you looking to expand on your doctor’s office, medical laboratory, or fully functional medical clinic? Why start from scratch- when Advanced Modular Space has a wide inventory of used modular buildings for you to utilize? Together, we can help you transform one of our fully maintained used modular units into a

25 04, 2017
  • modular construction

Video – Traditional versus Modular Construction

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This short animated video will show you how Aries can use modular construction techniques to save you time and money. What would YOU do with a 50% reduction in time to occupancy? If you want to learn more, please contact us at (703) 820-2900, and to save EVEN MORE TIME with your project, check

23 03, 2017

Prefabricated Buildings Can Help Alleviate Homelessness

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Prefabricated buildings can satisfy many of our customer’s needs: they are often used as temporary administrative buildings on job sites or as additional classrooms for growing schools.However, modular units can also be used to provide quick and affordable shelter for a city's homeless population. Modular buildings are an excellent way to deal with homelessness because

16 03, 2017

Modular Buildings Make Pop-Up Hotels a Breeze

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You've probably not realized it, but you have most likely walked through a modular building before. Nowadays many well-known developers are going ga-ga for modular buildings, incorporating elements and even entire units into their new designs. For example, Hilton's popular imprint DoubleTree began using prefabricated modular elements in their Tallahassee location in order to increase

4 03, 2017

VIDEO: Aries’ Workforce Housing in North Dakota

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This week we go inside one of our top-notch workforce housing accommodations operated by our partner company, Aries Residence Suites, in Williston, North Dakota. Our man camps are a cut above the rest; featuring well-appointed cabins, recreation centers, community kitchens, and more. This video featuring The Aries Guy Trey will fill you in on all

22 02, 2017

Used Modular, Fresh Concepts

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Modular buildings are no longer the drab and grey eyesores of the past. These days, designers are having a second look at prefabrication for use in restaurant and retail industries. Time is money. The quicker the building is raised, the quicker the revenue flows in. Advanced Modular Space has a large pre-used inventory that have limitless

16 02, 2017

Peek Behind the Curtain at Advanced Modular Space

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Looking for the ULTIMATE modular solution? Are you a small business owner ready to expand? Maybe you represent local government that needs temporary space? Look no further. Advanced Modular Space, Inc. is YOUR turnkey solution. Advanced Modular is an approved GSA vendor that brings three decades of experience to the table, with incredible proficiency in

9 02, 2017

Used Modular Inventory Makes a Big Splash

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As our economy evolves to a more dynamic and interconnected market, so do the needs and priorities of businesses and developers. Nowadays the focus is on streamlining: giving the client the quality and value they're accustomed to while shearing off time and price wherever possible. In this new era, used modular inventory has become the

3 02, 2017

Modular Building Boom

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With building and development, the goal of developers, builders, and businesses are safer, faster, cheaper, and more sustainable. As building and construction technology improve, it’s no surprise that modular is becoming more trendy and quickly gaining ground. Because modular can be built off-site, the ability to integrate higher quality finishing without interruption and ‘weather related’

27 01, 2017

Leasing a Modular Building with Advanced Modular Space: How-To

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When the future is uncertain and budgets are tight, school boards, companies, hospitals and government are often asking themselves the question, “How do I make space for growing student bodies/temporary or contract workers/ influx of patients when I know that I won’t need the larger capacity forever?” Going modular is a popular option in cases

17 01, 2017

Our Used Modular Inventory Is Ready For Customization

These past few days you may have seen a familiar sentiment floating around social media; “new year, new me.” It's a common refrain following the New Year, but did you know it's not just for friends and colleagues? Our modular buildings are ready for the “new year, new me” treatment, transforming to fit your business’

10 01, 2017

Used Modular Inventory Provides Temporary Housing For A Number of Applications

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Here at Advanced Modular Space, we pride ourselves on providing used modular inventory that can serve all of your temporary housing needs, no matter the reason or application. Read on to learn about some of the ways Aries and Advanced Modular Space can provide shelter in times of need. Disaster Relief & Shelter Disaster relief