Modular Classrooms: Are They Less Healthy Than When Traditionally Built?

Modular classrooms are at the peak of their popularity, with more and more school districts taking interest in the affordability and convenience of modular buildings. There are many scenarios in which modular classrooms come in handy; rapidly growing student populations, replacements after weather damage, etc. In every scenario, the speedy construction, design flexibility, and added amenities for a great price is certainly appealing to districts in need.

The pros of modular classrooms are uncontested. However, as they gain popularity, parents and communities are expressing concern over the safety of modular buildings. Common points of concern are air quality, stability, and security.

Some have expressed concern that the ventilation in modular classrooms is sub-par compared to traditional buildings. This concern would likely be legitimate a couple decades ago, but not so much these days. As modular classrooms grow in popularity, more attention is being paid to quality control and assurance of building design and function.

Modular buildings are held to the same design standards as traditional buildings. Guidelines for the optimal functioning of HVAC systems exist for both modular and traditional buildings. Both manufacturers and consumers routinely consult these guidelines to ensure the system is constructed and used properly.

Proper use and maintenance of HVAC systems is critical. If a system is designed well, but used improperly, the system will eventually fail. Thus, responsibility is shared between the manufacturer and the consumer. Frequent and consistent maintenance should include changing air filters, maintaining correct temperature and fan settings, annual inspections, etc.

As for the stability of modular classrooms, rest assured you will not feel the floor shifting or the roof falling in if you purchase from a legitimate and experienced manufacturer. Modular buildings are highly regulated and are required to be built with compliance to the International Building Code.

You may be inclined to wonder if modular classrooms are capable of a high level of security. The answer is absolutely. Modular classrooms have come a long way and are fully capable of advanced, electronic security features like key card access and cameras.

For further assurance, keep in mind that modular classrooms are built in a factory where every step of the construction process is monitored. In this type of setting, quality control is at its absolute highest.

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