4 Cool Modular Pop-Up Shop Ideas

Many industries benefit from the cost savings and flexibility of modular buildings. A new wave of businessmen and women looking to set up “pop-up shops” are taking advantage of modular construction.

A modular pop-up shop, in case you haven’t heard, are exactly what they sound like…well, almost. They appear to “pop-up” almost overnight. A pop-up shop is any business selling products or services that operates from a designated physical space but is intentionally temporary.

Pop-up shops allow sellers to test out their products without committing to purchasing a store space (whether that be purchasing an available spot in the mall at full-price or buying a vacant lot and footing the bill for building). Pop-up shops are very ideal for entrepreneurs to test the waters, get a feel for the area’s interest in a certain product, and what kind of revenue stream the area can generate.

Pop-up shops have typically operated from within other stores, in event spaces, or in the middle of shopping centers (think of those stands selling purses or cell phone cases that line the center of malls).

Modular pop-up shop owners are showing interest in modular construction. Pop-up shops and modular buildings really go hand-in-hand when you consider their shared focus on quick availability, convenience, flexibility, and potential for relocation.

Check out these pop-up shops that have taken advantage of the modular world.

modular pop-up shop 1

What you see here is a super quirky use of modular construction for a temporary shop selling Illy coffee products. Everything that is white in this picture was crafted from the same basic piece: a 45×45 cm cube. These modular cubes are put together and adjusted in depth and length to serve different purposes-a display case for a coffee maker or a desk for cashier transactions. 200 total cubes make up this shop and can easily be rearranged or relocated.


modular pop-up shop 2

Here is another modular pop-up shop supporting the love of coffee: The ING Express Mobile Coffee Bar. This shop’s modular construction allows it to be easily relocated or even reimagined into a sandwich shop. Oh, and check this out: anyone who says modular can’t be beautiful hasn’t laid eyes on this regal lion on the side of this modular building.


modular pop-up shop 3

This modular pop-up (pictured above) is used as a mini-branch of National Australian Bank. The primary purpose of these little giants is to serve areas recovering from natural disasters. It takes 90 minutes to assemble and offers a sales room, service area, and transaction zone.


modular pop-up shop 4

Adding to the variety of pop-up shop services, this mobile store sells sports apparel.

Featured in the photo above is The Die Hard Company. This company operates primarily online, but utilizes the pop-up shop concept to test local markets.

The list of applications for modular buildings continues to grow. The convenience, affordability, and flexibility of modular buildings cannot be overstated!

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