Why Modular?

The modular construction process is much faster than traditional on-site construction. This is because modular units are built indoors, in a climate-controlled factory setting, eliminating typical on-site delays caused by the weather and other local ordinances. Modular buildings conform to specific rules, guidelines and building codes that often surpass those of traditional on-site construction.

Advanced Moudular Space specializes in constructing one large structure from the ground up, producing self-containing “modules” which are put together on site and render the original architecture, design elements, and specifications of the structure as a whole, without compromising the elegance and intricacy of traditional building methods.

Modular building is a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient way to meet your construction needs. Modular construction creates temporary solutions and elegant permanent buildings to meet a variety of needs. Help us find the right solution for all your space requirements.

Modular Construction: Cost effective – Environmentally friendly – Time savings up to 50% …why not?

Aries turnkey modular advantage construction time savings 50%
Standard construction schedule 100% Time budget

Not only is modular technology more practical and environmentally friendly than classical construction, but it is also faster and more efficient – saving you time and money. So the question isn’t why modular, but why not?

Design – Just like any type of construction project; we spend time understanding your needs and work with architects and engineers to create the best possible solution to give you SPACE. We ensure all our projects meet the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Assembly – Unlike traditional construction, modules begin construction in a controlled factory at the same time the site is being prepared for construction; saving time! Factory construction also cuts down on materials, waste and reduces labor and financing costs.

Transportation – Modular units are transported to the site. 60-90% of the construction is completed off-site and the modular units may comprise the entire building or be components and/or sub-assemblies of larger structures.

Installation – Modular units are installed on-site. In many cases, modular contractors work alongside traditional general contractors to leverage the resources of each type of construction. You are ready for business in half the time!

Relocatable – One option is for relocatable modular units, which can be substantially reused in whole or in part at future sites and offer the fastest deployment. These include construction trailers, retail sales offices, in-plant offices, classrooms, and other buildings such as toll booths, guard stands, ticket sales offices, and storage units.

Permanent – The other option is for more permanent modular buildings that are virtually indistinguishable from their on-site building counterparts. These include single and multi-story buildings for schools, banks, restaurants, hospitals, medical clinics, day care centers, correctional facilities, and general offices.