Modular Units Can Drive Down Project Costs Significantly

modular units

Modular units can drive down project costs significantly, but don’t just take our word for it – big names like Marriott, who now uses modular for 13% of their North American hotel offerings this year, and even Google are joining the fun.

Offsite assembly and modular construction can maximize efficiency when to comes to building in tight urban spaces like the Bay Area. The region’s tech boom in the last two decades means that real estate is at an all-time premium. Tech titan Google recently invested 30 million in 300 modular units, likely to be used for short-term housing for employees. In addition to cutting project costs by utilizing cutting edge modular building techniques, Google can help minimize environmental impact of their business by providing employees with a shorter commute than they would have to travel if they sought housing further away. In fact, the “Bay View Campus” as its being called, will house employees right next to their place of employment, easing the crushing cost of living associated with metropolitan San Francisco.

And it’s not just Silicon Valley that’s getting in on the modular action: as the need for multifamily and lower-cost housing options increase in urban areas around the worlds, developers and builders are eschewing the outdated, “boring” view of prefabricated buildings in favor of beautifully designed, easily adaptable modern modular units. Nonprofits, shelters, government housing and mobile workforce are just some of the parties interested in leasing or purchasing modular units to quickly get heads on beds. The reusable, highly efficient methods of modular construction mean that these budget conscious projects can keep costs down while delivering a superior product to those who need it most.

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