New & Used Modular Buildings: Competitive Speed. Competitive Pricing.

It’s no surprise that modular building companies have been enjoying a rise in popularity lately. The benefits speak for themselves- not only are they a more cost-efficient alternative to conventional, on-site construction, they’re also much more multi-purpose and, most likely, more durable. Their assembly-line-style production means that they’re constructed, regardless of weather conditions, and delivered to you in fractions of the time (and cost) it takes for traditional construction.

Just recently, Aries Building Systems unveiled an easy-to-use online inventory browser, where you can see our selection of both new and used modular buildings.

People sometimes see the word “used” and automatically disregard in fear of… well, “used.” This is simply not the case when it comes to our pre-owned modular inventory – our portable structures meet rigorous safety and quality standards, while simultaneously having the additional benefit of being available for a fraction of the price of a newly constructed modular building. Another perk? in renting, leasing or buying used, your building can be delivered immediately, putting you way ahead of schedule.

Check out our inventory of new and used modular buildings. Chances are we already have what you’re looking for.

Advanced Modular Space – Parent Company – Reliant Asset Management

Reliant Asset Management is a leading specialty rental company providing premier modular space solutions to customers throughout North America. From remote workforce housing to single and multi-story buildings for growing businesses and organizations, Reliant Asset Management and its subsidiaries support a wide range of modular needs including design, manufacturing, transportation, construction, and financing.

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