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Unique Modular Buildings: Ideas for 2018


Modular pop-up shops are a great option for entrepreneurs who are looking for a innovative, low-cost and highly portable retail solution. Great for e-commerce marketplaces who are looking to take your products to the public, or a business testing out new markets, a modular-pop up shop helps you be where you need to be, when it counts the most.


As the future of farming is tending to grow up rather than out, modular vertical farms are the on-the-rise. The cost efficiency of modular construction, along with the customizability that allows for complex hydroponic systems in small, climate controlled rooms, are the perfect fit for farmers who are looking for a crop-production solution that defies the norm and saves on space.


When disaster strikes, time is of the essence when it comes to rendering aid as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unique modular buildings exist for all kinds of application, including:

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Construction

By partnering with modular building companies, local, state, and federal governments can be in a position to deploy modular buildings, modular classrooms, and more in critical time – and begin the rebuilding process with safety and security.


In military training exercises, modular buildings are often used as environments to test skills city and suburb environments. Or, they can take the form of large scale gymnasiums with obstacles like mock elevator shafts, utility towers and a climbing-wall. When it comes to the versatile nature of military training exercises, the buildings you use have to be just as versatile.


Sports facilities that are constructed modularly are flexible, reusable, and adaptable to new needs. Modular sports complexes can be used for a number of sports related activities, both indoor and outdoor. Indoor facilities include school gyms, driving ranges, and batting cages. Outdoor facilities include concession stands, soccer and baseball fields, and more.


Modular buildings are strong and sturdy, and industrial modular buildings are built to be even stronger. Unique modular buildings in an industrial setting are often used for on-site construction offices, or as a temporary office building for employees while renovations are underway.


Workforce housing is a key component of oil field operations. They may be designed, manufactured, and managed to suit any size workforce. Companies of any size, regardless of the size of the project, you’ll want a comfortable working environment, and you’ll want that community assembled as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.