Used Modular Buildings are Environmentally Friendly

used modular buildings are environmentally friendly

Individuals across the nation are becoming increasingly more conscious of their carbon footprint, and professionals who are contemplating an expansion or refurbishment of their facilities are no exception.

There are many environmental benefits of having a modular building constructed for projects such as these – less carbon emissions from material delivery trucks, less material waste, and less environmental impact on the building site – but not many realize that you can double down on the environmental benefit by choosing to utilize a used modular building!

Why Used Modular Buildings Are Environmentally Friendly

Adaptability. Flexibility. Reusability. These are the three factors that contribute to a modular building’s recyclability. That’s right, just as you can recycle plastics, you can also re-use a modular building to great success.

One major factor that contributes to the reusability one of Advanced Modular Space’s used modular buildings is our state of the art construction techniques. Modular construction is inherently more durable than a stick-built building, by necessity.

The modular unit must travel while partly or fully assembled to its destination, which requires sturdy construction. Luckily for the end user, this durability persists throughout the life of the modular building, and retains its structural integrity even after having been transported to multiple locations!

The modular building that served as a classroom yesterday, can serve as a pop-up shop location today, and an office expansion tomorrow. Achieving that level of reusability is a chief aspect of our business.

New modular construction already reduces materials waste from projects by over 90%. So just think about all of the material you’re keeping from ending up in a landfill by choosing to reuse, or upcycle a modular building!

As a final point to why used modular buildings are environmentally friendly, the installation and removal of a modular building is much friendlier to the project site than stick-built construction and demolition. With used modular buildings, you’re looking at a unit that has been safely installed and removed from a location, and has the capability to do so again and again.

Whenever environmentally sustainable practices become a priority for a business, forging partnerships with modular building suppliers like our sister company Aries Building Systems, or a used modular building supplier like us is a no-brainer. Together, we can work to make this planet a more beautiful and healthier place to live, while also saving you precious time and money.

That’s the Aries way.